Viash 0.5.12

Improvements for VDSL3 and the Bash wrapper + several bug fixes

New Release

Viash Team


May 24, 2022

What’s new?

This release contains a bunch improvements for VDSL3 and adds some parameters to the viash test and viash test ns commands.

Full changelog


  • --help: Don’t print “my_component ” when no version is specified, but instead simply “my_component”.

  • NextflowVdsl3Platform: Set mode=copy for auto.publish and auto.transcript.

  • NextflowVdsl3Platform: When a module is used multiple times in the same workflow, don’t throw an error anymore, instead simply generate a warning.

  • NextflowVdsl3Platform: Throw an error when an input file was not found.

  • viash build: Indent auto-generated code according the indentation of VIASH START when found.

  • Main: Handle not finding the config file or resources in a config file better. Display a more helpful message instead of a stack trace.

  • BashWrapper: Add checks on parameters for valid integer, double and boolean values.

  • BashWrapper: Add option to limit string and integer values to specific choice values.

  • BashWrapper: Add option to set min and max values for integer and double values.

  • Dependencies:

    • Scala was upgraded from 2.12.10 to 2.12.15
    • sbt was upgraded from 1.3.4 to 1.6.1
    • sbt-scoverage was upgraded from 1.5.1 to 1.9.3


  • viash_test: Add back --no_cache parameter to viash_test.

  • viash_test: Fix --append parameter for viash_test, was not getting passed through.

  • viash ns test: Fix --append parameter, actually start from a clean file if append is false.

  • viash_push: Fix component not being built during a release of Viash.

  • PythonRequirements: Fix packages being mentioned twice in a Dockerfile.

  • Main: Added support spaces in filenames of config files and resources

  • BashWrapper: Display a message when the last parsed argument would require more values than are still available. Now display a message that values are missing, used to silently crash the wrapper.

  • viash config inject: Fix error when file argument is must_exist: true.