Viash 0.5.13

Added overriding of the container registry for the VDSL3 + VDSL3 bug fixes

New Release

Viash Team


June 10, 2022

What’s new?

VDSL3 gets even more improvements and bug fixes. Read the full changelog below to see all of the changes.

Full changelog


  • NextflowVdsl3Platform: Allow overriding the container registry of all Viash components by setting the params.override_container_registry value. Only works for auto-derived image names.


  • Functionality and viash ns: Added .enabled in functionality, set to true by default. Filter for disabled components in namespace commands.

  • DockerPlatform: Add org.opencontainers.image annotations to built docker images.

  • Functionality: when defining text resources, permit defining path instead of dest. If both dest and path are unset, use a default file name depending on the resource type, such as or text.txt.

  • viash build: Errors are printed in red.


  • NextflowVdsl3Platform: Undefined input files should not inject a VIASH_PAR_* variable when multiple: true.

  • NextflowVdsl3Platform: Make injected resources dir absolute.

  • NextflowVdsl3Platform: Fix escaping of triple single quotes.

  • NextflowVdsl3Platform: Also apply auto.simplifyInput to Lists.