Viash 0.5.6

Forbidden Bash flags have been renamed

New Release

Viash Team


February 3, 2022

What’s new?

  • Viash can now be installed without Docker needing to be installed on your system. You do need unzip and wget to complete the installation.
  • The Docker related messages are more user friendly now.

Full changelog


  • BashWrapper: Forbidden flags -v, --verbose, --verbosity have been renamed to ---v, ---verbose, ---verbosity.


  • Set version of helper scripts to the same version as Viash.

  • DockerPlatform: Produce helpful warning message when Docker image can’t be found remotely (#94).

  • DockerPlatform: Produce helpful error message when Docker isn’t installed or the daemon is not running (#94 bis).


  • viash_install:

    • Passing Viash path as a string instead of as a file to ensure the path is not converted to an absolute path
    • Switch from Docker backend to a Native backend, ‘unzip’ and ‘wget’ are required.
    • Correctly set the log file for viash_test.
  • DockerPlatform: Added sleep workaround to avoid concurrency issue where a file is executed to build docker containers but apparently still in the process of being written.

  • DockerPlatform: Fix order issue of —verbose flag in combination with —setup, allowing to run viash run config.vsh.yaml -- ---setup cb ---verbose and actually get output.