Viash 0.6.1

Minor improvements in functionality

New Release

Viash Team


October 3, 2022

What’s new?

This release contains mostly minor improvements of functionality released in Viash 0.6.0. Most notably:

  • Support was added for type: long arguments

  • meta["n_proc"] has been renamed to meta["cpus"]. meta["cpus"] is now an integer, whereas meta["memory_*"] are now longs.

  • viash ns exec is able to recognise {platform} and {namespace} fields.

  • And various bug fixes and improvements to documentation and unit testing.

Full changelog


  • Deprecated usage resources_dir variable inside scripts, use meta["resources_dir"] instead (or $meta_resources_dir in Bash, or meta$resources_dir in R).

  • Deprecated meta["n_proc"] in favour for meta["cpus"].


  • viash ns exec: Added two more fields:

    • {platform}: the platform name (if applicable)
    • {namespace}: the namespace of the component
  • LongArgument: Added support for 64-bit integers with type: long as opposed to type: integer which are 32-bit integers.


  • Allow passing integers/doubles/booleans to string parameters (#225). Removed the ‘Version’ helper class.


  • meta["cpus"] is now an integer, meta["memory_*"] are now longs (#224).

  • DockerPlatform: Only store author names in the authors metadata.

  • NextflowPlatform: Only store author names in the authors metadata.

  • Argument[_]: Turn multiple_sep from Char into String.


  • All meta[...] variables are now processed similar to Argument[_]s, instead of using custom code to convert object types and detect Docker mounts.

  • Escaper: Make more generic Escaper helper class.


  • Hardcoded URLs pointing to in the documentation annotations were replaced with a new keyword system.

  • Replaced references to “DSL” with “Dynamic Config Modding” in the --help output.

  • Added an example for Ruby based Docker setups.


  • viash ns: Reverse exit code outputs, was returning 1 when everything was OK and 0 when errors were detected (PR #227).

  • viash config inject: Fix processing of arguments when argument groups are defined (#231).

  • Fixed a few typos in the CLI.

  • Fixed the formatting of ns exec documentation.

  • VDSL3: Fix stub functionality.

  • VDSL3: Fix error during error message.

  • viash test: Fix issue where VIASH_TEMP could not be a relative directory when running viash test (#242).

  • BashScript, CSharpScript, JavaScriptScript, PythonScript, RScript, ScalaScript: Fix quoting issues of certain characters (#113).


  • NextflowPlatform: Deprecate --param_list_format parameter.


  • BashScript, CSharpScript, JavaScriptScript, PythonScript, RScript, ScalaScript: Implement more rigorous testing of which characters are escaped.

  • BashWrapper: Escape usage of multiple_sep. This fixes various checks and transformations not working when when multiple_sep is set to ";" (#235).