Viash 0.7.0

Major code cleanup and minor improvements to VDSL3

New Release

Viash Team


February 28, 2023

What’s new?

  • Default namespace separator has been changed from _ to /. This means Docker images will be named <Registry>/<Organization>/<Namespace>/<Name> by default. For example, instead of

  • Removed deprecated code of unused functionality to simplify code.

    • Shorthand notation for specitying input/output arguments
    • Shorthand notation for specifying Docker requirements
    • Legacy Nextflow platform
  • Improvements in VDSL3 and the Nextflow Workflow Helper to make behaviour more predictable and fixing some bugs in the meantime. Run the following to get access to the updated helpers:

    [[ -d $WF_DIR ]] || mkdir -p $WF_DIR
    viash export resource platforms/nextflow/ProfilesHelper.config > $WF_DIR/ProfilesHelper.config
    viash export resource platforms/nextflow/ > $WF_DIR/
    viash export resource platforms/nextflow/ > $WF_DIR/
  • Improvements to test benches and several bug fixes.

Full changelog


  • Viash config: Previously deprecated fields are now removed.

    • functionality.inputs: Use arguments or argument_groups instead.
    • functionality.outputs: Use arguments or argument_groups instead.
    • functionality.tests: Use test_resources instead. No functional difference.
    • functionality.enabled: Use status: enabled instead.
    • functionality.requirements.n_proc: Use cpus instead.
    • platforms.DockerPlatform.privileged: Add a --privileged flag in run_args instead.
    • platforms.DockerPlatform.apk: Use setup: [{ type: apk, packages: ... }] instead.
    • platforms.DockerPlatform.apt: Use setup: [{ type: apt, packages: ... }] instead.
    • platforms.DockerPlatform.yum: Use setup: [{ type: yum, packages: ... }] instead.
    • platforms.DockerPlatform.r: Use setup: [{ type: r, packages: ... }] instead.
    • platforms.DockerPlatform.python: Use setup: [{ type: python, packages: ... }] instead.
    • platforms.DockerPlatform.docker: Use setup: [{ type: docker, run: ... }] instead.
    • platforms.DockerPlatform.docker.setup.resources: Use setup: [{ type: docker, copy: ... }] instead.
    • platforms.NextflowLegacy: Use the Nextflow VDSL3 platform instead.
    • functionality.ArgumentGroups: No longer supports strings referring to arguments in the arguments: section. Instead directly put the arguments inside the argument groups.
  • viash_install: The bootstrap script has been reworked in line with the project config introduced in 0.6.4:

    • The default location for installing the Viash executable is now ./viash (was: bin/viash).
    • The new viash_install support --output and --tag.
    • The various settings that existed in viash_install (organisation, tag, …) are moved to the project config.

    Please note that this new viash_install bootstrap script can be run from the CLI using:

    curl -fsSL | bash

    The old is still available but points to the version 0.6.7 version of this component and is deprecated.

  • WorkflowHelper: paramsToList, paramsToChannel and viashChannel are now deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

  • viash (ns) build: Change the default value of the namespace separator in a Docker platform from _ to /. Add ".platforms[.type == 'docker'].namespace_separator := '_'" to the project config _viash.yaml to revert to the previous behaviour.


  • VDSL3: now uses the newly implemented channelFromParams and preprocessInputs instead of viashChannel.


  • WorkflowHelper: Added preprocessInputs and channelFromParams to replace paramsToList, paramsToChannel and viashChannel. This refactor allows processing parameters that are already in a Channel using preprocessInputs, which is necessary when passing parameters from a workflow to a subworkflow in a Nextflow pipeline.


  • Main: Capture build, setup and push errors and output an exit code.

  • File downloading: Add check to pre-emptively catch file errors (e.g. 404).

  • Scala: Updated to Scala 2.13 and updated several dependencies.

  • Main: Improve match completeness in some edge cases and throw exceptions where needed.

  • Changelog: Reformat the changelog to a more structured format. For every release, there is now a date, title, and summary. This both improves the changelog itself but can then also be used to postprocess the CHANGELOG programmatically.

  • VDSL3: Add a default value for id when running a VDSL3 module as a standalone pipeline.

  • TestBenches:

    • Verify switching of Viash versions
    • Prepare ConfigDeriver by copying base resources to the targetFolder. Use cases so far showed that it’s always required and it simplifies the usage.
    • Remove some old & unmaintained IntelliJ Idea editor-fold tags. Given that the testbenches were split up, these were broken but also no longer needed.
    • Add 2 testbenches for computational requirements when running viash run or viash test.
    • Added tests for different values for the --id and --param_list parameters of VDSL3 modules.
  • viash test: Use test as a random tag during testing, instead of test plus a random string.


  • WorkflowHelper: fixed where passing a relative path as --param_list would cause incorrect resolving of input files.

  • Testbenches: Fix GitTest testbench to correctly increment temporary folder naming and dispose them after the test finishes.

  • viash xxx url: Fix passing a url to viash as the config file to process. Add a short testbench to test principle functionality.

  • Testbenches: Simplify testr container.

  • Main: Improve error reporting to the user in some cases where files or folders can’t be found. Depending on the thrown exception, more or less context was given.

  • VDSL3: Create parent directory of output files before starting the script.