Viash 0.8.2

Minor changes and bug fixes

New Release

Viash Team


December 14, 2023

What’s new?

This release fixes a few bugs regarding dependencies and how the Nextflow platform handles Paths.

Full changelog


  • NextflowTestHelper: Do not hardcode a version of Nextflow in the testbench, but use the version of Nextflow that is installed on the system (PR #593).

  • GitHub Actions: Test different versions of Nextflow (22.04.5, latest, and latest-edge) (PR #593). Testing the latest Edge version of Nextflow will allow us to catch notice changes in Nextflow earlier.

  • Updates to the documentation and templates in the Git repo (#598, PR #600):

    • Add contributing guidelines.

    • Add issue templates.

    • Reworked the pull request template.


  • config: Fix the main level of a component config not enforcing strict mode and instead allowing any field to be specified (PR #585).

  • dependencies: Allow the user to define a local dependency with specifying repository: local as sugar syntax (PR #609). A local repository is the default value so it’s not required to be filled in, but allowing it with a sensible sugar syntax makes sense.

  • Repositories: Fix a structural issue where a repository defined directly in a dependency would require the name field to be set (PR #607). Repository variants are created with and without the name field. Repositories under .functionality.dependencies[] use repositories without the name field, while repositories under .functionality.repositories[] use repositories with the name field.

  • NextflowPlatform: Do not resolve remote paths relative to the –param_list file (PR #592).

  • NextflowPlatform: Allow finding .build.yaml file when worktree contains a directory that is a symlink (PR #611).