Viash 0.8.6

Bug fixes and improvements for CI

New Release

Viash Team


April 26, 2024

What’s new?

Fix some issues in some edge cases. Add options for testing in a CI environment. Given that these options are not meant for general use, they are hidden from the help message. Some improvements are made to run in Nextflow Fusion.

Full changelog


  • docker setup strategy: Fix inconsistencies in the documentation (PR #657).

  • repositories: Fix uri -> repo in the repositories documentation (PR #682).


  • viash test and viash ns test: Add a hidden --dry_run option to build the tests without executing them (PR #676).

  • viash test and viash ns test: Add a hidden --deterministic_working directory argument to use a fixed directory path (PR #683).

  • component names: Verify that component namespace and name combinations are unique (PR #685).


  • NextflowPlatform: Fix publishing state for output arguments with multiple: true (#638, PR #639).

  • Executable: Check whether a multiple output file argument contains a wildcard (PR #639).

  • NextflowPlatform: Fix a possible cause of concurrency issues (PR #669).

  • Resources: Fix an issue where if the first resource is not a script, the resource is silently dropped (PR #670).

  • Docker automount: Prevent adding a trailing slash to an automounted folder (PR #673).

  • NextflowPlatform: Change the at-runtime generated nextflow process from an in-memory to an on-disk temporary file, which should cause less issues with Nextflow Fusion (PR #681).