Viash 0.4.0

Posted April 8, 2021 by Viash Team ‐ 1 min read

The viash ns command's --namespace argument has been renamed to --query_namespace, introduction of custom DSL for overriding config properties at runtime, ...

Full changelog:


  • viash ns: Argument --namespace has been renamed to --query_namespace.

  • viash ns: Argument --namespace does not implicitly change the namespace of the functionality anymore. You can use the command DSL to reproduce this effect; for example: -c '.functionality.namespace := "foo"'.


  • Commands: A custom viash DSL allows overriding viash config properties at runtime. For example:
 viash ns test \
  -p docker \
  -c '.functionality.version := "1.0.0"' \
  -c '.platforms[.type == "docker"].target_registry := ""' \
  -c '.platforms[.type == "docker"].setup_strategy := "pull"' \
  • viash build: The image can be pushed with --push. The same can be done by passing ---push a viash executable.

  • viash ns can query the name, namespace, or both, with the following arguments:

    • --query_namespace or -n: filter the namespace with a regex.
    • --query_name: filter the name with a regex.
    • --query or -q: filter the namespace/name with a regex.
  • Added the project_build, project_clean, project_push and project_test components to this repository.


  • Allow quotes in functionality descriptions.